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Page Background

Initiative 3: IU Southeast will develop and support a climate of innovation.

Action Steps:

1. Establish a professional sales education center and other similar programs that foster


2. Provide a campus budgeting model that will foster the creation of innovative academic


3. Expand innovative opportunities for students through partnerships that support

coursework and for-credit internships.

4. Establish a collaborative maker space.

5. Connect IU Southeast students with Southern Indiana and Greater Louisville through a

structured leadership development program designed to introduce students to regional

economic engines and to provide quality, state-of-the art educational opportunities.

Initiative 4: IU Southeast will promote civic engagement.

Action Steps:

1. IU Southeast will attain Carnegie Community Engagement Classification.

2. Increase student engagement in applied learning and real world experiences through

internship opportunities and service-learning programs that supplement classroom

learning for academic credit.

3. Increase student engagement through active service learning and civic engagement,

scholarly/creative activities and presentations in areas such as community based work

and scholarship within the curriculum.

4. Increase service learning tied to the curriculum to ensure opportunities within each

school, establish accurate tracking systems, and structure incentives to reward faculty for

improvements in number and quality of such experiences.

Initiative 5: IU Southeast will enhance cultural enrichment and “quality of

place” activities.

Action Steps:

1. Provide institutional support and opportunities for students and community members to

develop an awareness of the arts through a wide range of sponsored events.

2. Enhance public awareness of Grenadier Athletics through a comprehensive branding and

marketing strategy.

3. Increase offering of varsity sports programs.