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2. Provide and maintain flexible learning environments that promote student/instructor

interaction and active learning experiences with the appropriate technology to support

current and developing teaching methods.

3. Ensure highly trained instructional and technical support personnel to more effectively

assist students, faculty, and staff.

4. UITS at IU Southeast will continue to provide opportunities for students to have practical,

“real world” experience through employment in supporting University information

technology systems and end users.

5. Strategically manage campus computer centers and resources based on regularly analyzed

usage data to maximize student access to learning technologies and for social interaction.

6. Ensure network infrastructure to support innovation, scholarly and creative productivity,

and high impact learning.

7. Provide and maintain contemporary AV and videoconference technology for the

Conference Center.

8. Create and maintain redundancy in the technology infrastructure to ensure reliability and

continuity of technological functions and operations.

9. Develop workplace uses for technology to improve efficiencies and cost effectiveness.

10. Strengthen the relationship between Information Technology and the support of users to

improve training, and create efficiencies through the use of available technology and data


Initiative 2: IU Southeast will deploy and maintain appropriate technology to

meet institutional teaching and learning objectives and research and creative


Action Steps:

1. Increase technical support for Institute for Learning and Teaching Excellence (ILTE).

2. Increase the quality and availability of courses and programs using relevant current and

emerging technologies.

3. Increase the use of an effective online course delivery system and improve quality training

for faculty and students to enhance student retention and success in these courses.

4. Discover and develop technology potential to further enhance faculty opportunities to

engage in research.

5. Create computer classroom efficiencies through consolidation where appropriate.