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6. Create collaborative computer centers around campus to maximize student use of

technology for study and social interaction.

7. Develop classrooms that utilize both current teaching and technology trends (i.e.,

collaboration spaces, interactive whiteboards, etc.).

8. Develop appropriate funding mechanism to insure classroom technologies can all be

placed on lifecycle replacement schedules.

9. Provide and maintain contemporary computer hardware and software applications

throughout the campus for students.

10. Implement and maintain casual, informal learning spaces for the general student

population throughout campus.

Initiative 3: IU Southeast will better utilize technology to more effectively

communicate the opportunities, presence, and strategic direction of the


Action Steps:

1. Create and maintain an informative website that is easy to navigate and meets user


2. Embrace and utilize current trends in social media to reach students, parents, faculty, and

other constituents.

3. Use technology, such as keyless entry devices and enhanced IU Notify strategies, to

promote safety and security for the campus community.

4. Provide paperless solutions to process student, administrative, and community requests

or requirements.