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Dear Campus Community, Alumni, and Friends of

IU Southeast:

2015 was a year when faculty and staff, students, and

members of the Board of Advisors came together to

envision and create Indiana University Southeast’s new

5-year strategic plan. These various constituencies, in

large and small group discussion sessions, commented

regularly as the new plan for institutional progression

gradually took shape. The process from initial draft to

the finished product went through approximately 10

substantial and inclusive revisions. Consequently, this

plan now embodies our collective aspirations for our

campus during the 2016-21 period. We have aptly en-

titled it

In Pursuit of Excellence: University Southeast’s

Strategic Plan, 2016-21.

This document discusses our vision and draws the roadmap on how to reach our goals and

targets for our campus over the next five years. Our institutional identity centers on the prin-

ciples of discovery, dissemination, and application of knowledge; artistic creation and expres-

sion; civic engagement; and global awareness.

Our primary responsibility is to instill a commitment to these foundational principles in the

diverse student body we serve. We offer an intimate and nurturing learning environment that

includes access to the latest technology and learning resources, while maintaining a com-

mitment to small class size and quality faculty-student engagement. We prepare students

for productive citizenship in a diverse and global society. Simply stated, our new plan is to

become even stronger in all these areas and thus to enhance the intellectual, cultural, societal,

and economic development of our service region and its overall quality of place.

In 2016, we begin our campus’s ensuing strategically planned journey. We are deeply com-

mitted and connected to the university-wide strategic plan aimed at 2020, the bicentennial of

Indiana University. Moreover, our campus strategic plan is designed to collaborate with the

other IU regional campuses as aligned in the Blueprint for Student Attainment plan. Finally,

it should be noted that the first year (2016) of our new strategic plan is also the anniversary of

IU Southeast’s 75th year in existence as an institution of higher learning!

We offer much to southern Indiana and the Louisville metropolitan area. We intend to offer

even more through this plan in the years to come.

Dr. Ray Wallace

Chancellor, Indiana University Southeast