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Page Background

Initiative 2: IU Southeast will become a leader in the scholarship of teaching

and learning.

Action Steps:

1. Provide targeted travel funds for faculty presenting research focused on teaching and


2. Encourage recognition of teaching and learning scholarship in annual reports and the

promotion and tenure process.

3. Support the development of a conference on teaching and learning scholarship.

Initiative 3: IU Southeast will foster an environment that supports scholarly

activity and creative work for the development of faculty and students.

Action Steps:

1. Continue to support and expand the Regional Research and Creativity Initiative.

2. Enhance student success and progress by (e.g. graduation rates, placement in professional

and graduate programs, and careers) by creating more opportunities and expanding

support for undergraduate student involvement in faculty-mentored research and creative


3. Develop and expand internship opportunities through collaboration with community


4. Provide increased levels of support for faculty and students to build and maintain research

and/or creative projects.

5. Increase travel support for faculty and students to expand research and creative outlets.

6. Increase the number and size of awards for Summer Faculty Research Fellowships.

Initiative 4: IU Southeast will promote global learning initiatives.

Action Steps:

1. Increase study abroad opportunities.

2. Develop new on-campus programs and cultural activities that focus on global awareness.

3. Expand and enhance global and cultural awareness through curricular integration.

4. Recruit international scholars as visiting professors to broaden the campus community’s

exposure to global perspectives.