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Page Background

Initiative 2: IU Southeast will expand recruitment strategies to increase high

school and transfer student yields.

Action Steps:

1. Establish measurable goals for spring, summer, and fall transfer recruitment.

2. Leverage program level MOUs to clarify transfer process and ease process of transferring

into institution.

3. Increase service region outreach and visibility and measure yield to plan future iterations.

4. Expand use of high school performance and ACT/SAT data to increase population yield at

service region high schools.

5. Increase participation of student constituency groups in high school and transfer


6. Incent faculty recruiting presence in high schools in our service area.

7. Engage in building stronger relationships with high school guidance counselors, as they

help guide high school students to make college choices.

8. Establish a recruiting program that would connect IU Southeast students with their high

school alma maters.

9. Seek opportunities to have faculty in-service teaching at area high schools.

10. Identify high traffic social centers (e.g. Girls & Boys Clubs, houses of worship, etc.) to

engage prospective underserved students and their caregivers.

Initiative 3: IU Southeast will strengthen existing relationships and seek new

partnerships with regional and state public and private schools (K-12) and

community colleges.

Action Steps:

1. Build a dynamic transfer program, build community college partnerships, and promote

graduation rates at the bachelor’s degree levels.

2. Increase recruitment presence at community colleges within the service region, including

the establishment of transfer student offices at each site.

3. Strategically market new academic programs within K-12 and community college


4. Leverage trend data for high school performance post-enrollment to increase yield within

local high schools through preparation training.