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5. Increase presence for mentoring and college-preparation programming in local high


6. Provide leadership with schools to improve K-12 education, including seeking targeted

state and national initiatives for math, science, and technology, and reading, which

strengthens connections with the campus.

7. Create diversity community outreach initiatives, such as reading/writing/science/math

camps in collaboration with community partners throughout our service area.

8. Enhance dual credit programs that place outstanding faculty in local high schools.

9. We will support additional intercampus collaboration, such as joint online programs,

faculty affinity groups and the development of a searchable faculty collaboration database.

Initiative 4: IU Southeast will initiate or improve campus strategies that

enhance opportunities for student success.

Action Steps:

1. Continue to grow and promote summer as a third semester to increase the number of

students graduating within four years, and examine other possible scheduling options to

increase students graduating in four years.

2. Implement digital and on-ground career-readiness training for all first year students.

3. Continue to implement an effective Academic Early Alert System (FLAGS).

4. Strengthen and enlarge an effective and comprehensive advising model that guides all

students in the attainment of their academic, personal, and professional goals.

5. Develop additional collaborative relationships with high schools, community colleges, and

industries to promote student success.

6. Provide opportunities for prospective and incoming students to attend workshops/events

by faculty/staff/resources at IU Southeast to better prepare them for their collegiate

academic careers.

7. Develop relationships with professional programs, graduate programs, and regional

employers to facilitate a smooth transition for graduating students.

8. Measure impact of responsiveness to student waitlist activity.

9. Develop comprehensive tools to track student success after graduation.