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III. Enhance the Enrolled Student Experience

Initiative 1: IU Southeast will provide a smooth transition to campus through

an enriched support system for student success.

Action Steps:

1. Continue to expand the Pathways program to maximize students’ potential for academic

success, social growth, and improved student retention.

2. Implement summer bridge programs across all academic units for newly matriculated


3. Continue to implement and refine residential and themed academic learning communities

across all academic units.

4. Develop parent programs to promote recruitment, enrollment, and retention of students.

5. Expand capacity for Mentoring Program to increase retention for student participants.

6. Expand preventative counseling programs and services for first-year students.

7. Assess how initiatives such as “Fifteen to Finish” affect our most vulnerable

(economically, academically, etc.) students and share data with appropriate stakeholders.

8. Explore feasibility of support services for multicultural students.

Initiative 2: IU Southeast will improve the quality of student life and services

to support and enhance student completion.

Action Steps:

1. Pursue funding and completion of “One Stop” student services area in University Center.

2. Develop the use of the co-curricular transcript and a system for tracking participation to

link engagement to student outcomes.

3. Grow, diversify, and strengthen academic honors groups.

4. Revise and systematically communicate campus safety procedures.

5. Improve and expand campus services, facilities, and hours.

6. Develop a system to survey students/recent graduates to better understand student needs

and develop needed services.

7. Grow, diversify, and strengthen the University’s Greek system.

8. Identify, develop, and implement programs to improve student wellness.