Page 3 - Transormations Magazine 11-12

The second year of publication for
begins with our Fall 2012 issue.
is the IU Southeast magazine
published twice a year by ADIE, the Academy
for Diversity and Inclusive Education. As
the Coordinator of Diversity for Academic
Affairs, it is my hope that
increase faculty awareness of opportunities for
enhancing diversity and inclusiveness on our
campus. Service opportunities, research support
through our diversity faculty fellows, and
assistance in developing inclusive curriculums
are all part of the ADIE mission. Each issue
will be devoted to a theme
relating to diversity and inclusiveness. This
issue will focus on student and faculty veterans.
the editor
Faculty members who have served in the military have a heightened
understanding of the difficulties veterans face when they begin
their education. The number of veterans in our classes is steadily
increasing and there is a concerted effort from IU Southeast
administrators, faculty, and staff to assist our student veterans as
they make the often difficult transition from military to civilian life.
Kevin Powers, a veteran of the war in Iraq and author of
spoke to these challenges when he said, “There can be a
profound sense of purposelessness. You can get back into life or,
sadly, you can be lost. I think ‘rudderless’ is probably an appropriate
way of describing it. You see the world; you see all these directions
that you could go. How do you possibly begin to decide?”
I hope the perspectives provided in these articles will heighten your
awareness of veterans and veteran issues on our campus.
Diane Reid
Coordinator of Diversity for Academic Affairs