Page 5 - Transormations Magazine 11-12

What can ADIE do for you?
ADIE can sponsor one-and two-semester teaching,
research, or service-related fellowships for faculty projects which
support the ADIE mission of diversity and inclusiveness. These
fellowships will pay for three hours reassigned time a semester to
complete accepted proposals.
Faculty Learning Communities:
Faculty can be invited by the
academy or may volunteer to form a working group of faculty
to study teaching and learning around a diversity-related topic.
Members of the FLC will attend eight or nine seminar sessions
approximately one session per month - and a facilitator will be
provided. These sessions are to help participants develop (first
semester) and implement (second semester) diversity-related
material in a specific course of study. Participants earn a $500
honorarium for course-related materials or additional training,
and lunch is provided at each session.
General Facilitation of Teaching, Research, and Service:
The academy facilitates individual teaching, research, and service
projects in a variety of ways. Workshops on topics of interest to
faculty which are related to diversity can be arranged through
deans, coordinators, or individual faculty. In addition, ADIE provides
consultation in course development, research, and service projects
which have a relationship to the ADIE mission.
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