Transformations Magazine January 2014 - page 7

In May of 2013, Diane Reid, editor of Transformations magazine,
sat down with Matt Springer, Coordinator of Disability Services at
Indiana University Southeast. In this conversation, Matt discussed his
experiences as a person with dyslexia and how this has shaped his life
and his approach to his career.
Diane Reid (DR):
You have been at IU Southeast since 2008 as the
Coordinator of Disability Services. I want to go back a little before that
and talk about what drew you to this career.
Matt Springer (MS):
When you have the career day in kindergarten,
no one raises his or her hand and says “I want to be a disability services
coordinator in higher education.” I wanted to be an X-Wing Starfighter
pilot, like in the Stars Wars films. That job being fictitious, it didn’t
pan out. I also wanted to be an artist. I was in special education from
kindergarten through fifth grade. It wasn’t a positive experience for me.
An Interview with Matthew Springer,
Coordinator of Disability Services at IU Southeast
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