Often our adult students will
come in with limited technical
skills, so navigating Onestart and
Oncourse, and just figuring out
how to communicate with their
professors and other students via
email – even surfing the internet
can be a challenge for them.
Recently, I had a student putting
the webpage address in the Google
search finder because they didn’t
realize the difference between a
keyword search and where to type in
a webpage address. Professors often
expect power point presentations
from students. I know many adult
students who don’t have a clue how
to prepare a power point. I’ve had to
sit down with them and show them.
When I’m not in the ASC, I do have
a student assistant and that person
is a non-traditional student. My
assistants know the ins and outs of
the campus and are usually juniors
or seniors when they come to work
for me. I think this is important
because their knowledge can benefit
a student.
Of course, we offer a variety of
other services: programs and
workshops–both off-campus and
on-campus, children’s programs,
programs that get families together,
programs that get students together.
We also are very knowledgeable
about community agencies and
organizations, so if we have students
who are in crisis situations, suddenly
finding themselves homeless,
jobless, unable to put food on the
table, suffering from alcohol or
drug abuse, domestic violence – we
know where to send those people
off-campus so they can receive that
assistance. We offer them a large
variety of opportunities to connect
to the campus, to get to know their
community better, and to involve
their children in their education.
So you get to be an IT specialist,
What I enjoy the most is
assisting new students; they’re very
shy, they feel like a fish out of water,
they aren’t vocal about what their
needs are, and they are somewhat
dependent on me in the beginning.
My goal is to get them to be less
dependent on me, to be able to find
resources, and to use the other
students as their mentors.
So the other students become a
valuable resource.
We have regulars in the ASC who
wouldn’t think of studying anywhere
else. It’s important for those
students to connect so they can help
each other. As far as technology
goes, I do my best, but when I can’t
figure it out, another person in the
center usually says “I’ll help them,
Kim.” Plus, we have IT located
around the corner.
That’s true. You can just send
them across the lounge area.
IT has been very good to us. I
know that there is some protocol we
NTSU members Marianne Webster,
Dale Brown, Sondra Morris, and Yvonne Bagshaw
at the NTSU Valentine fundraiser for Uni-Kids.
Keith Gisser displays a snake at the
ASC-sponsored “Herps Alive!” event.
Sheila Smeltz, NTSU member, spends time in
the ASC preparing for a final exam.