The Non-Traditional Student Union (NTSU) is an
organization that helps support adult students attending
IU Southeast. The President of NTSU, Yvonne
Bagshaw, knows exactly what it is like being a non-
traditional student herself and overcoming that feeling
of not belonging. Bagshaw has been in the work force
for over 20 years and recently made the decision to
return to college. She also faces the challenge of being
a single mother, working, and attending school at the
same time. It is a difficult situation dealing with all
three tasks at once, but she is not alone. The NTSU is
an organization for non-traditional students who, like
Bagshaw, must often make major adjustments in their
work and personal lives to pursue a degree.
There are different scenarios for a non-traditional
student. For some it means not attending college after
high school, or maybe having kids and a family to
support, or even working full-time while attending
college. The members of NTSU strive to help other
non-traditional students achieve their academic
goals and are committed to providing a positive and
supportive environment that promotes the success of
non-traditional students. The NTSU and Adult Student
Center (ASC) have teamed up to try to provide that
type of experience and support for non-traditional
students. The ASC is a designated area on campus
where adult and non-traditional students may work on
assignments, network with peers, check e-mail, or just
relax between classes. It is open 24 hours a day and is
located on the University Center South second floor in
The ASC and NTSU work hand-in-hand to help non-
traditional students succeed. The two groups often
co-sponsor special events throughout the year for
students and their families. On Jan. 20, 2013, ASC and
NTSU joined forces for an afternoon bowling event
at Hoosier Lanes called “Adults in the Gutter.” NTSU
members and other adult students on campus brought
family members for an afternoon of relaxation and
laughter.It is important for non-traditional students
to have family and loved ones involved in their
education; ultimately, it is an investment made by the
entire family.
The NTSU hosts a number of events throughout the
school year. Many NTSU members love to cook, so
the organization often holds pitch-in lunches for the
members. The first week of November is national
Non-Traditional Student Week. The IU Southeast
organization typically sets up a table across from
the bookstore to conduct a membership drive and
encourage donations to their philanthropic project,
Uni-Kids. Uni-Kids provides school supplies to
underprivileged children worldwide. Donations can be
made in the form of cash or actual school supplies. The
group also hosts a table in the same location during the
week of Valentine’s Day. Valentine items are sold, and
half of the profits go to Uni-Kids. Those who purchase
an item or donate to Uni-Kids are eligible for a gift
basket and a scholarship drawing.
It is important for non-
traditional students to have
family and loved ones
involved in their education;
ultimately, it is an investment
made by the entire family.”
Dues for NTSU are $5 per semester; each member
must also complete three hours of community or
volunteer service. The NTSU offices are located in
the Student Involvement Center in University Center
South. With the combined efforts of faculty and staff in
spreading the word about the NTSU to their students,
perhaps more adult students will join the NTSU and
find a strong support system as well as a new group of
friends on campus.
NTSU Officers
President – Yvonne Bagshaw
Vice President – Teresa Nelson
Secretary – Shannon Pickett
Treasurer – Dale Brown