is the IU Southeast e-zine published
twice a year by ADIE, the Academy for Diversity
and Inclusive Education. As the Coordinator of
Diversity for Academic Affairs, it is my hope that
will increase faculty awareness
of opportunities for enhancing diversity and
inclusiveness on our campus. Service opportunities,
research support through our diversity faculty
fellows, and assistance in developing inclusive
curriculums are all part of the ADIE mission.
Our Spring 2013 edition of
has non-traditional students as its focus. At IU
Southeast, non-traditional students typically
comprise between 30 and 35 percent of the
student body.
Coordinator of Diversity for Academic Affairs
Nearly every class offered online and on campus has several non-traditional students enrolled. The student
population taking night classes is heavily non-traditional, as is the graduate student population. The label
traditional” typically refers to a student who enters college immediately after high school, is single, and falls
within the 18-24 age range. The term “non-traditional” can be elusive, as it manifests itself in many ways.
We often think of a non-traditional student as being an older student, but age is not the only demographic
which defines this group. A student may be a 19-year-old single parent, a 21-year-old military veteran, or a
year-old who began college at age 18, stopped out, and didn’t return for 20 years. It is my hope that the
articles in this issue will help you gain perspective on the issues non-traditional students face, and an awareness
of the support that IU Southeast offers this segment of the student population.
I would also like to call your attention to our upcoming Diversity and Inclusivity Teaching and Research
Symposium. IU Southeast will be hosting this one-day symposium on Saturday, Oct. 12, 2013. The call for
proposals is included in this edition of
Faculty, administration, professional staff, graduate
students, and undergraduate students are all welcome to submit. I encourage each of you to submit a proposal
and to forward the information to friends on other campuses.