In January 2013, Transformations editor, Diane Reid, sat down with Kimberly Pelle, the Coordinator of
the Adult Student Center on the IU Southeast campus. The conversation provided some insight about the
role of non-traditional students on the IU Southeast campus, and how the Adult Student Center (ASC)
serves this group.
Diane Reid (DR):
You became the coordinator for non-traditional student programs in 2006 so you’ve
been in this position for seven years. In your opinion, what are the most important services provided by
the Adult Student Center, which is your “home” on campus?
Kimberly Pelle (KP):
I think the most important service to the students is having a full-time staff
member available to them via phone, email, and in person. Sometimes I’m not there when the students
really need me, but they do know that they can reach over my desk, grab one of my business cards, and
either phone me or contact me via email to set an appointment.
An Interview with Kimberly Pelle, Coordinator of the IU Southeast Adult Student Center
By: Diane S. Reid