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New Albany, Indiana, may not

seem like a typical, bustling,

international hotspot, but for the

growing population of international

students at IU Southeast, it is a

home-away-from-home. From

Monster energy drinks to language

barriers, international students

have a unique perspective to share on the

triumphs and challenges of life within the

IU Southeast community.

Rezylle Milallos, a computer science

major originally from the Philippines,

confirms that many of the features that

native Hoosiers find appealing about

IU Southeast also attract students

from around the globe. “The small

classes allow students and professors

to know everyone,” she says. “Getting

to know professors provides comfort

and assurance to students, encouraging

them to be more vocal about questions

or concerns.” For Milallos, this was

especially important as she adjusted to a

completely new life abroad. “I had to deal

with leaving all of my friends and most of

my family back home.”