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Simulations: Experiencing the Model UN

The main delegations for the 2013

event focused on drones, Rwanda,

human trafficking, Syria, and the

West Bank. Pangburn said the

resolutions that are passed are usually

very short. For example, on the topic

of Human Trafficking as a global

security issue, she said, “The main

consensus was that each state provide

a comprehensive analysis of human

trafficking in their country and then

develop a tailored plan to combat it.”

According to Sacasas, no matter how

short the resolution, each topic was

intense. “During our UN trial it was

very difficult attempting to solve

these issues since every country has

unique ways of trying to settle them.

I can only imagine how real members

of the UN feel.” However, Sacasas

loved how the whole room came to

life during the actual debates. “The

professors printed out breaking-news

slips that had fake events on them

involving one of the 12 countries to

evoke more debate, and it worked!”

Moore said the Model UN is fun

because everyone realizes it is a game

but that it is also really frustrating at

times. “Model UN really opens your

eyes to how difficult these problems

are to solve, and why they are so


Stephon Moore and Lauren Pangburn

pose for a photo together during the

Model UN.