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Moore must have done something right because he won

the award of best delegate at the conference. “When I

voted, I looked for students who worked the best with

others, moved the conversation forward, were well versed

in the issues, and played the role of their countries best,”

Moore said. “I would assume everyone else used those

same criteria.” Staten said IU Southeast won several

awards this past year, “largely due to the hard work and

study by our students.” Staten said IU Southeast has won

several awards, “largely due to the hard work and study by

our students.”

Participating in the Model UN is very beneficial to

students. Staten said among the benefits participating

students would reap are developing skills in public

speaking and researching, bargaining and group

consensus, parliamentary procedure, and engaging in

diplomacy. Staten also said students will get to learn about

speaking out about important issues facing the world, the

perspective of another country, and of course the successes

and failures of the United Nations.

Moore said, in his opinion, Model UN is the best way to

learn about international politics. He specifically plans to

use the knowledge he’s gained from the Model UN and

apply it to his understanding of the world and to inform

the opinions he has as a future political scientist. “The

skills you practice in the Model UN that deal with conflict

and resolution and the ability to understand differences

are skills any participant can take and put to use in his or

her everyday life.”

Not all of the Model UN is serious delegations, Moore

said, “While it is an educational experience, the

participants are college kids all the same and we like to

have our fun as we’re wrapping the conference up by

proposing bold and hilarious resolutions that provide

laughs for everyone.” Moore recalls when his council

passed a resolution to turn the city of Jerusalem into a

theme park. “We had discussed all of the topics and only

had an hour left before the conference was over. One of

the students from a different school thought that we could

solve the Israel/Palestine conflict by making Jerusalem a

theme park. That way neither party had control over it. So

we did.”

Again in 2014, IU Southeast was well-represented at

the 36th Annual Indiana Consortium for International

Programs Model UN Security Council Conference in

Indianapolis on October 30 through November 1. Ryan

Cannon and Mason Moody won Best Delegate awards

for Council 1 and Council 2. In addition, Ryan Cannon

and Rebecca Egger (France) received the Best Delegation

Award for Council 1 and Mason Moody and Alex Yson

(US) received the Best Delegation Award for Council 2.

Participation in the Model UN can be a life-changing

experience. Ryan Cannon, one of the fall 2014 delegates

said, “I expected to have a better understanding of the

diplomatic processes and procedures. What I didn’t expect

was a full, rigorous exercising of my public speaking,

writing, communicating, and problem solving skills. I

didn’t expect to connect on such a personal level with

both domestic and international students of all different

backgrounds, origins, and beliefs. I certainly did not

expect that nearly a week after the Model United Nations

had finished, I would be making adjustments as to how

I volunteer my time, how I see my future as a graduate

student, and how I contemplate my perspective career

choices. All of these based on the things that I was able to

draw from this experience.”

The Model UN is not strictly for political science or

international studies majors; students from all schools

are encouraged to join in on the role playing. It does not

matter whether you’re a political science whiz or just a

student looking for a new experience; participating in

the Model UN will not only broaden your horizons on

international issues and debate but allow you to have a

great deal of fun while doing it.