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Manypeoplehave romanticdreams
of traveling theworld to seenewand
unusual sites. IUSoutheast, along
with IU, provides studentswith
theopportunity toachieve these
dreams through international study
opportunities. IUSoutheast has
multiple trips available for students
in2014, including:Ghana (social
sciences), SouthAfrica (fieldbiology),
Samoa (finearts),CostaRica
(geography) andEcuador (education).
Theheadof theEcuador trip,Dr.
born inEcuador’s capital,Quito.
Dr.Herdoiza-Estevezarrivedat IU
Southeast in2000as anassistant
professor in theSchool ofEducation.
In2002, she started theEcuador
programwith the support of the
School ofEducation. “Theoriginal
purposewas toprovideopportunities
for futureand current teachers togain
in theunderstandingof diversity in
the context of education.Theprogram
hasgrownandexpanded in response
to theneeds and interestsof students
fromdifferentmajors across campus.”
It hasbeen twelveyears since thefirst
IUSoutheastEcuador trip.Every
fall, betweenOctober andDecember,
several information sessions are
held to recruit students for the
following spring.At these sessions,
students arepresentedwithavariety
of information fromactivities and
tentative schedules, to scholarship
opportunities anda layout of the
applicationprocess.While the trip is
aimedat educationmajors, students
fromothermajors arewelcomeas
longas theyhaveanoverallGPA
of 2.65. “Thisyearwehavebeen
approved tooffer tracks forComputer
Sciences/Informatics andSpanishas
well.” It isnot necessary tohave taken
Spanish, but ishighly recommended.
After students apply, theygo through
an interviewwithDr.Herdoiza-
Estevez. “For the successof the
programaswell as eachparticipant’s
experience, it isnecessary toassess
themotivationof eachperson, the
strengths andareasof growth, and
important personality traits.” In the
spring, students attendpre-departure
workshops thatwill helpprepare
them for theupcoming trip.Finally,
after all theirhardwork, studentsget
a tasteof their rewardwhen they step
expanded in
response to the
needsand interests
of students from
across campus.
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