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On toEcuador
off theplane intoEcuador. Participants
are immediately immersed in the culture,
andget first-handexperiencewithin the
school systemswitheager children.Dr.
Herdoiza-Estevezdescribes theEcuador
tripas full-cultural immersion. “This
experience increases the level of reflection
inaprofoundly transformational personal
process.”Participants are set upwithhost
familieswhoprovide themdailywith
breakfast anddinner tohelp further the
aneducationmajor from the2013 trip,
says shewasnervous about stayingwith
ahost family, but eventually came to
love it. “I felt extremelywelcomeand
nervous about stayingwithahost family,
but eventually came to love it. “I felt
extremelywelcomeand comfortable.
They treatedme just like Iwas in the
familyall along.They taughtme somuch
about their cultureandprovidedmewith
on things.”
She found stayingwithahost family
anextremely rewardingexperience. In
Ecuador, students arepresentedwith
avarietyof opportunities thatwill not
only test their skillsbut alsoexpand their
horizons.Theprogramhas established
connectionswith local schools and
built relationshipswith the indigenous
community.Aside fromworking in the
schools, studentshave theopportunity to
visit several cultural sites, including the
famed “Middleof theWorld.”Ecuador
isknownas theMiddleof theWorld
because it contains the latitudepoint
of 0°,0’,0”.The site ismarkedwitha
monument and features several other
Studentswill spend threeweeks in
Ecuador, and theirdaily routinesusually
revolvearound theirmajor.Education
majorswill spendmost of their time
teachingat local schools andfiguring
out their teachingphilosophy. Some
nursingmajorsuse this time for their
clinicals.The trippresents studentswith
theopportunity tobecomemore socially
aware.Dr.Herdoiza-Estevez says,
“Travelingabroadopens anewwindow
to theworldaroundus, broadening the
perspectiveon self, thenative culture
and country, and thedifferences and
similaritieswithpeoples, cultures,
Participantsare immediately immersed in the culture,
andget first-hand experiencewithin the school systems
with eager children.
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