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LearningWithout Leaving
IUSoutheast gives the campus community the
chance tobeapart of another cultureduring
hostedduring theweekofNov. 11-14, 2013,
by the International ProgramsCommittee, a
groupof facultyand staff.
This event is anationalweek sponsoredby
theUnitedStatesDepartment ofEducation
that highlights international travel, study
abroad, and international education through
theparticipationofmany colleges.Hereat
IUSoutheast, the International Programs
Committeeholds an International Photo
Contest and twohands-onactivities, beading
andhenna tattoos.KateMoore, theassistant
librarianand chair of the International
ProgramCommittee says, “Theweek
highlights thebenefitsof cultural diversity.”
Moorehas servedon the International
ProgramsCommittee for threeyears andhelps
put together all theevents that areheldon
campus.Mooreexplains, “Oneof our charges
is topromote international educationand
cultural diversityon campus, soEducation
Week is agreat placeand time toplanevents
that are related to international issues.”
The International PhotoContest, heldover
anentireweek,was a focal event. Students,
faculty, and staffall had theopportunity to
enterphotographs takenaround theworld.
Thephotographsweredisplayed in the library,
and the campus communitywas able tovote
on them throughout theentireweek. Moore
said, “WehavePeople’sChoiceandCritic’s
Choice.Thisyear the criticwasJonathan
Ruth,who teachesgraphicdesignhere.Hehad
thehard taskof choosing thebest photobased
onartistic expression, creativity, originality,
andqualityof the image in the two categories,
Photoby Jeri Crawford
Photoby Jeri Crawford
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