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Ricahavebeenadded to the summer2014 term.
The2012 social sciences trip toCuba is likely to
becomeaNicaragua studyabroadoffering in the
near future. Scholarshipmoney is available todefray
aportionof the cost for IUSoutheast students; the
average student scholarship is$600.
“Ihope thatwewill beable to increase funding
assistance toour students studyingabroad,”
saysWoodward, “since international business,
informatics, international studies, and foreign
languages arenowencouraging this as apart of their
academic curriculums.”
BothWoodwardandScott operateprimarily from
their facultyoffices, as there isnot currentlyanoffice
for International Programs.According toScott,
not havingan identifiable locationmakes student
recruitmentmoredifficult. Because there isno
identifiableoffice, studentsmaynot beaware that
theprogramexists. ForWoodward, thegreatest
challenge is tomake resources stretchadequately to
serve theneedsof theentire community.
She states, “Iwould love it ifwe couldprovide
funding for every student trip, ifwe couldhave
someone toanswer thephoneande-mailswe
receiveonadailybasis, and ifwe couldprovide
individual consultation toeach facultymember
whowants todevelophisorher own studyabroad
program.” It isnot a lackof desirewhichdeters the
co-directors, but a lackof time. Thedemandsof the
programaregrowingandaone-course releasedoes
not provide the time toaddress all theneeds.
WhenLucindaWoodwardandValerieScott speak
about International Programs, their enthusiasm for
theprogram ispalpable. “As a foreignborn citizen I
haveexperiencedfirsthand thebenefit of traveling,
studyingand livingabroad,” saysScott. “I spent the
first quarter of centuryofmy life inFranceand I also
traveled toEngland,Wales,Belgium,Tunisia, Italy,
andSpain.Then I spent half adecade inMontreal,
Canada, beforemoving to theUS.Eachexperience
is enriching-- anexperiment in cultural acclimation
and self-discovery. Iwant tobepart of offering such
incredibleopportunities toour students, eitherby
bringing someof theworld into theirbackyardor
classroom, orbyhelping them step into the rest of
theworld.This is somethingwhich is energizing,
exciting, challenging, a littleunnerving, andalways
a sourceof growth.”
The concern for student growth indiversity is also
present inWoodward: “I amgenuinely committed
toproviding studentswithadiversityexperience.
Ibelieve that growthonly comes frompushing
ourselvesout of our comfort zoneand risking
change. That isn’t something that necessarily
comes exclusively from international travel. There
are smaller steps to change, suchas tryinganew
ethnic foodor attendinga foreign cultural event,
but certainly studyabroad isonewayof immersing
oneself inanewandoften life-changingexperience.
Byassuming thepositionasdirector of IP, I felt
I couldhave thegreatest learning impact ona
largenumber of students and inadvocating for IU
Southeast in the larger community.”
Television, the internet, and socialmediahave
connectedus toall partsof theworld. Studentswill
find thatmany careerpaths require somedegreeof
international understandingor experience.Diversity
is an integral part of the IUSoutheast StrategicPlan.
International Programs isdedicated toengaging IU
Southeast students inan international experience.
InScott’swords, “We careabout helping students
grow into citizensof theworld.We careabout
equipping IUSoutheast students to liveandwork
effectively invarious cultural settings.Toknow that
somehow, through thisposition,we contribute to
makingglobal citizenshipaproductive reality—
that’s fulfilling!”
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