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Gay-Straight Alliances (GSA)

spread around the

country, Project 10 was established in 1984 as the first

school-based LGBT organization at Fairfax High School

in Los Angeles. The point of the organization was to help with

abusive behavior, suicide prevention and reliable information

regarding AIDS. In colleges, LGBT organizations started several

years earlier with the founding of the Student Homophile League

in 1967 at Columbia University. The First GSAs were established

in 1988 at two private schools in Massachusetts.

Gregory Roberts, currently an academic advisor at IU Southeast,

proved to be a pioneer during this time, founding an early

incarnation of the Gay-Straight Alliance at IU Southeast. This

group was called The Drummers, with the slogan “For those

who march to a different beat.” Although the group was meant

Anchoring the


The Gay-Straight


By Craig Green ENG-W364