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Page Background

elcome to our LGBTQIAA edition of



The contents of this edition were prepared and edited

while Diane Reid was serving as coordinator of diversity for

Academic Affairs. Michael Jackman, the new coordinator

of diversity for Academic Affairs, is now on board and providing

solid direction for campus diversity initiatives. All of the articles

in this issue were written by students in English W364: Editing

for Publication and English W295: Individual Study of Writing.

Both are taught by Tom O’Neal, senior lecturer in English. We are

grateful for the students’ research and their contributions, and we

are pleased to be able to provide publication opportunities for these


In this issue, you will be given the opportunity to read about the

accomplishments of our 2014-15 ADIE Research and Service

Fellows. These two women, Dr. Kelly Ryan and Dr. Lucinda

Woodward, were able to make outstanding contributions with their

reassigned time. Many of you will be benefiting from their work.

You will also have the opportunity to explore various aspects of the

LGBTQIAA experience, including the evolution of campus progress

on these issues over a 25-year period.

The goal of each issue of


is to encourage inquiry

and enhance understanding. It is in this spirit that we open the

pages of this issue.



Diane Reid

Past Coordinator of Diversity

for Academic Affairs

Michael Jackman

Current Coordinator of Diversity

for Academic Affairs