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s the ADIE Service Fellow for 2014-15, I

was able to use my reassigned time to make

significant headway with projects important to

International Programs (IP),

most significantly to

our study abroad programs. I began by petitioning for

a small office space and a bulletin board in our university

center to be delegated for IP announcements on campus

advertising.   I was also able to schedule four student

informational sessions across campus and collaborated

with 10 total program presentations.

During the fall 2014 semester, I prepared two grant

proposals and was successful in obtaining one external

grant from the Institute of International Education to

support study abroad scholarships for six IU Southeast

students to go to Ireland.  This grant has a total value

of $7,000 and will be used in March 2016 to sponsor

a faculty-led program to Ireland to study Historical

Geography during spring break.

To facilitate student outreach, advertising was increased,

and I was able to respond to 8-10 e-mail inquiries each

week, meeting individually with approximately five

students per week and forming alliances with student

organizations across campus to increase awareness of

study abroad.  Presentations on international programs

were made to the Non-Traditional Student Union, the

Honors Program, Psi Chi, the IU Southeast Activities

Fair, student orientation, First Year Students (FYS), and

the 21st Century Scholars program in 2015.  Thanks to

support from the FYS coordinator, IP is now a formal



resource in the FYS instructors’ materials, and we have

been called upon to make five presentations on study

abroad in FYS classes during the fall 2015 term.

With the additional time made available to me, I was

able to increase my contact time with faculty members

who wish to organize study abroad programs. Two new

faculty-led study abroad programs were developed: one to

Wales and one to Italy.

During the spring 2015 semester, I organized faculty

training seminars and developed a comprehensive training

manual for IU Southeast study abroad program directors. 

There were eight faculty from IU Southeast enrolled in

the program, and these participants attended a series of

seminars dedicated to specialized topics including grant

writing, program development, logistics, ethics and

post-trip reporting.  A 100-page training manual with

seminar materials was compiled, and will be posted for

public use and for future program directors.  The training

materials generated for this workshop will be used every

2-3 years to provide supplemental half-day day seminars

in conjunction with Institute for Learning and Teaching

Excellence or Faculty Colloquium on Excellence in

Teaching for interested faculty.

All in all, I was able to reach additional students to

generate interest in our study abroad programs. It is my

hope that access to the new training manual will make

sponsoring a study abroad program feel less daunting to

faculty who would like to lead students in an overseas