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Alphabet Soup

By Katie Molk ENG W-364

LGBTQIAA can be a mouthful, but this initialism has been working its

way into the English vocabulary since the 1980s. Originally containing

only three letters, LGB, it now includes numerous letters in

different ways including LGBT, GLBT, LGBTQ, and LGBTQIAA.

Any way you put it, the purpose of the letters is to provide inclusion.

According to Angelica Wiseman, a Gay Straight Alliance officer on campus,

the initialism is always changing in reaction to the “increased awareness”

about people and their identities. It’s important for there to be terms

groups of people can identify with, but how much does the general public

really know about the meaning of LGBTQIAA? The following is a guide to

understanding each term, its origin, and its cultural significance.