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focused on the learner, and that is hard for some because

there is an ingrained nature of how we think about higher

education. I am going to make sure [faculty members]

are informed about the process of the accommodation

letter and disability services. Then we are going to have

a conversation about what their goals are for the course,

what their concerns are regarding this student, and why

they have these concerns. Then we will discuss how to

approach the concerns in a way that makes the student feel

like part of the larger whole, not singled out.”

Additional resources are available to instructors who

want assistance in better accommodating students with

disabilities. WebAIM is a website that simulates different

types of disabilities and shows teachers what they can do

to make their course equally accessible to all students.

UDL, or Universal Design for Learning, has a website

that helps instructors learn how to use new apps and

technology to better adapt their lessons for students with

disabilities. Another web site for information on Universal

Design concepts and Instruction is

Unavailable to our predecessors, a wealth of knowledge is

now a mouse click or a phone call away. With progressive

research on the topic and the social reform we have

seen in recent years, it seems certain that IU Southeast

will continue to move forward in the way we design our

campus, our courses, and the way we interact with each

other in our diverse society of faculty, staff, and students.

This will ensure that the realm of higher education

becomes more inclusive and accessible for any who wish

to participate.