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Diane Reid

Coordinator of Diversity

for Academic Affairs

elcome to the spring

2015 edition of


The 2014-15 academic

year has been an active

year for diversity activities on the IU

Southeast campus. Our Common

Experience theme of “The Gift of

Empathy: Seeing the World Through

the Eyes of Another” opened the door

for many diversity-related events on

campus. The most popular of these

events was the lecture by Eva Kor, a

Holocaust survivor, which brought

more than 1,000 people to campus.

The new Mental Health and Wellness

Series developed by Beth Rueschoff,

Megan Kahn, and Michael Day

has started open discussions about

topics often stigmatized in the past.

International Programs expanded

the participants in the popular

International Festival, and Women

and Gender Studies sponsored

“The Happening,” a March event

celebrating women’s history month.

The IU Southeast video for the “You

Can Play” project now appears on

YouTube and the You Can Play site.

The You Can Play Project is dedicated

to ensuring the equality, respect and

safety of all athletes, regardless of their

sexual orientation. IU Southeast was

the first campus in the IU system to

become a part of the You Can Play


We are also exploring additional

ways to aid our veterans on campus,

ensuring that they transition

effectively from military to civilian

life, and that we effectively support

them from orientation through

commencement. ADIE has been

pleased to sponsor an ADIE Research

Fellow, Dr. Kelly Ryan, and an

ADIE Service Fellow, Dr. Lucinda


Take note of our inside cover photos

which are the People’s Choice winners

from the fall 2014 International Photo

Contest. The winner of the People

Category is “Elephant Rescue Love,”

taken by Professor Gary Pinkston.

The woman in the picture is a

devoted healer to injured and abused

elephants, water buffalo and dogs at

the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand.

The winner of the Places Category is

“A Cheap View” taken by student Brian

Dennis. The photo was taken in Blyde

River Canyon, South Africa.

The focus for this issue of

Transformations is supporting people

with physical disabilities. All articles

have been researched and written by

students in Tom O’Neal’s W-364:

Editing for Publication and W-395:

Individual Study of Writing courses in

the Department of English. It has been

a pleasure to work with Tom and his

students. These articles will acquaint

you with channels of assistance

available to students with disabilities

on our campus. Universal Design

principles will be explored. And you

will hear from students with physical

disabilities so that you become more

aware of their perspectives.

Inquire, explore, and learn. It is how

we begin to understand our differences

and appreciate our similarities.