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Every student deserves the right to

an education. For students with

disabilities, extra steps must be

taken to guarantee easy accessibility

to the many opportunities available

at IU Southeast. The Office of Disability

Services takes measures to provide these

students with necessary accommodations. To

request assistance, students must obtain the

appropriate forms of medical documentation

to confirm their diagnosis. Every request is

reviewed on an individual basis to ensure that

each student’s specific needs can be properly

satisfied. Once qualified, students are given

access to the numerous services, programs, and

activities offered by Disability Services.



A variety of channels of assistance are available

to those with disabilities at IUS. The Adaptive

Technology Center, located within the campus

library, is dedicated to strengthening the

learning capabilities of students with hearing

and/or visual impairments. With the help of

innovative technology, the ATC is designed

to allow students to study comfortably and

independently. Library staff, the Office

of Disability Services, and University

Information Technology Services are readily

available to offer friendly tips and training to

students interested in learning how to use the

equipment. Among the various examples of

specialized hardware and software found in the

ATC are the following:


Optelec ClearView+:

A computer station that

essentially works like a giant microscope. By

placing a document on the lit platform, users

can read text magnified many times larger

than its original size.


Older machine with the same

function as the ClearView+.

HumanWare Brailliant:

Input device that

allows users to electronically convert Braille

into text and/or speech through voice

synthesizing technology.

Versapoint Duo Braille embosser:


documents in Braille.

2 Dell computers

equipped with extra-large

monitors, Evoluent vertical computer mice,

Adesso Tru-Form keyboards, and Plantronics

DSP 400 headsets

Adjustable height desks



Speech synthesizer that reads text

on the computer screen and outputs to

refreshable Braille displays.

TextHelp Read & Write Gold:

Provides a

range of tools to help access, compose, and

read written and on-screen material.

Dragon 8 Preferred:

Instantly and accurately

converts the user’s voice into text in Windows


ZoomText 8.1:

Enlarges, enhances, and reads

aloud text on the computer screen.

Co:Writer 4000:

‘Flexible Spelling’ tool can

help learners who have phonetic difficulties

with spelling.

Kurzweil 3000 Pro Color:

Provides for

the creation and delivery of electronic

documents. Utilizes one-button scanning,

Optical Character Recognition, and Zone

Editing for ease of use.

Kurzweil 1000