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Elementary Education
The elementary education program prepares
students to teach in Indiana and Kentucky
schools. Students explore a variety of subjects
including art, language arts, mathematics,
science, social studies, and professional
Secondary Education
The secondary education program prepares
students to teach in Indiana and Kentucky
schools. Four concentrations are available:
language arts, mathematics, science, and social
Special Education
The special education program prepares students
for Indiana and Kentucky special education
teaching licenses for grades K-12.
The biology program is multidisciplinary,
including many different fields ranging from cell
biology and genetics to evolution, plant science,
and ecology.
The chemistry program emphasizes hands-on
use of state-of-the-art laboratories. Research is
emphasized in an atmosphere of intellectual and
creative thinking.
The informatics program encompasses the art,
science, and human dimensions of information
technology. Informatics students study and
develop new uses for information technology in
all types of settings.
Computer Science
The computer science program educates students
in the principles and use of software development
tools. It is the chief discipline for teaching
engineering principles and the tools used in
software application development.
The geoscience program combines the study of
the earth and its origins with the study of people,
cultures, and environment.
The mathematics program provides a sound
background for students who plan to pursue
advanced degrees in mathematics, as well as
students who plan careers in industry, business,
or education.