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Motivated. Challenged. Honored.
The Honors Program at IU Southeast is designed to serve the
needs and interests of highly motivated students who seek a
stimulating academic experience and formal recognition for
completing a challenging program. In the Honors Program,
you can:
• Conduct original research with experts that will
challenge your mind and move you to change the world
around you.
• Investigate the world by participating in study abroad
opportunities that will stimulate your cultural view and
provide once-in-a-lifetime experiences.
• Learn to be the best from the best with small classes
taught by experienced faculty who will help you achieve
your individual goals.
As a student in the Honors Program, you’ll have many
opportunities for academic success that extend far beyond
your education at IU Southeast. The Honors designation
on your transcript and the medallion bestowed prior to
graduation are tokens of achievement, but that achievement
continues after college, whether in graduate school, the
workplace, or in some other endeavor.
Apply yourself!
Call (812) 941-2196 or visit
to apply for
admission to the IU Southeast Honors Program.
With Honors