Arts and Letters
Communication Studies
Communication studies focuses on the
ways in which humans communicate
with one another – the act of conveying
a message.
The English program instills a love
for literature and writing, a moral
awareness of society’s profound
conflicts, an openness to other
cultures, and skills in critical thinking,
reading, and writing.
Fine Arts
The fine arts program maximizes your
potential as an artist by utilizing well–
equipped facilities with state–of–the–
art classrooms and studios.
Modern Languages
The modern languages program
teaches practical skills and develops
a student’s appreciation of the
fundamental role that language plays in
defining our humanity.
The music department offers one of
the most musically intensive programs
in the region. It combines all aspects
of artistic and academic study, ranging
from solo performance to music theory,
music history, and music technology.
The philosophy department challenges
students to develop high–level skills in
critical thinking, reading, writing, and
The theatre program provides a wide
variety of opportunities where students
can explore and develop expertise in
theatre performance and design.
The business degree prepares students
for successful careers managing
their own businesses, working in the
corporate environment, or traveling
to other countries for an international
Economics and Public Policy
General Business
Human Resources Management
Information & Operations Management
International Business
The economics degree prepares
students to be interested, alert, and
competent observers of current events.
It empowers students to make well–
reasoned decisions about business
problems and public policy.
The nationally ranked School of
Business offers several concentrations
to further specialize your degree.
Elementary Education
The elementary education program
prepares students to teach in Indiana
and Kentucky schools. Students explore
a variety of subjects including art,
language arts, mathematics, science,
social studies, and professional
Secondary Education
The secondary education program
prepares students to teach in
Indiana and Kentucky schools. Four
concentrations are available: language
arts, mathematics, science, and social
Special Education
The special education program
prepares students for Indiana and
Kentucky special education teaching
licenses for grades K–12.