Natural Sciences
The biology program is
multidisciplinary, ranging from cell
biology and genetics to evolution,
plant science, and ecology.
The chemistry program emphasizes
hands–on use of state–of–the–art
laboratories. Research is emphasized
in an atmosphere of intellectual and
creative thinking.
The informatics program encompasses
the art, science, and human dimensions
of information technology. Informatics
students study and develop new uses
for information technology in all types
of settings.
Computer Science
The computer science program
educates students in the principles
and use of software development
tools. It is the chief discipline for
teaching engineering principles and
the tools used in software application
The geoscience program combines
the study of the earth and its origins
with the study of people, cultures, and
The mathematics program provides a
sound background for students who
plan to pursue advanced degrees in
mathematics, as well as students who
plan careers in industry, business, or
Bachelor of Science in Nursing
The nursing program prepares students
to meet the current and future health
needs of society. Graduates are
prepared to function as practitioners in
acute and long–term care, community
settings, home care, as well as non–
traditional settings.
R.N.–B.S.N. Mobility Program
The R.N.–B.S.N. mobility program
addresses the specific needs of
working registered nurses who want to
earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
It is designed for R.N.s whose highest
academic credential in nursing is a
diploma or an associate degree.
Social Sciences
Criminology and Criminal Justice
The criminology and criminal
justice program provides a general
understanding of the nature of crime
and includes an analysis of the
entire criminal justice system and its
relationship with other institutions in
The history program offers a broad
range of classes in a variety of
geographic and thematic areas.
Students gain greater insight into
the present and learn to act more
effectively in the future.
International Studies
The international studies program
provides students with the foundation
to understand one’s position in the
world and how different cultural,
economic, political, and social systems
operate and interrelate.
The journalism program emphasizes
the development of writing, reporting,
editing, designing, and photography
skills used in mass media.
Political Science
Students in the political science
program study government and how it
The psychology program focuses on
research by collecting, quantifying,
analyzing, and interpreting data
describing human and animal behavior.
Students in the sociology program
study human social relationships with a
focus on the causes and consequences
of human group behavior.