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You and

of your closest friends


When you graduate from IU Southeast, you don’t just earn

an IU degree, you join the IU family. Our global alumni

network is over 600,000 strong and counting—from

campuses all across the state. An IU degree places you in a

powerful network of people as motivated as you and ready

to lend a helping hand.

You can find IU alumni in all U.S. states and territories and

on just about every continent, inspiring innovation and

improvement in their respective fields. You can also find IU

students from other campuses, right here on our Southeast

campus. With our EagleEye classroom, powered by sound

tracking and facial recognition technology, you can take

courses taught synchronously between IU campuses.

Joining the IU network has its perks. The most important

perk of all is the perking up you’ll see a potential employer

do when you tell them you have an IU degree.