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Some universities are too big, some are too

small and then you find one that’s 180-acres of

just right.

Indiana University Southeast brings you the

research and resources of a big name university,

makes it affordable, and delivers it in a location

that is convenient for you. Our students discover

possibility every day, in labs and studios across

campus, fieldwork overseas, and 10 miles

across town in the city known as Possibility City,

Louisville, Kentucky.


Your Goldilocks

of the 2014 entering class ranked

IU Southeast as their

#1 choice

for college.

of 2015 graduates would encourage

others to attend IU Southeast




At IU Southeast, we believe that every student has

possibility, and we teach them to capitalize on it.

We know success is bred by preparation, so we

put you in classrooms where you are a name

instead of a number, with professors who can

magnify your strengths and help you tackle your

weaknesses. Getting students ready for life after

graduation is at the root of all we do. We believe

what’s special about our programs is that they

build more than a will for success, they build a will

to prepare for success.