The following will be IU Southeast's emergency evacuation procedures for people with disabilities. If you have questions, please contact the Coordinator of Disability Services or consult the Staff and Faculty Emergency Procedures Handbook.

  • Take person to a safe area, preferably near a stairwell.
  • Have someone stay with the person, either you or someone else.
  • Assign someone to inform emergency personnel (i.e. University Police at x2400, firefighters in the area) where the person with a mobility impairment is in the building.
  • Allow the firefighters to establish whether there is imminent danger before attempting to evacuate the person with a mobility impairment. Do not attempt to evacuate the person unless there is eminent danger of death or injury and no alternative safe area is available, in which case, use whatever means and assistance is available to get the person to safety with minimum injury to you or the person with a disability. There is a stair climber located in Crestview Hall that can be used in cases of extreme emergency. The individual with a mobility impairment is the best authority as to how to be moved out of the building.
  • If a person is visually impaired, escort the person out of the building by having them hold on to your elbow. Inform them of where steps are.
  • If a person is hearing impaired, make sure they know that there is a fire alarm and that they follow everyone out of the building.