Frequently Asked Questions

I have a documented disability. How do I receive accommodations?

In order to receive accommodations, you must present appropriate documentation to the Coordinator of Disability Services. Forms are available that show what is needed for appropriate documentation. You then need to request an accommodation. The Coordinator will determine if that accommodation is reasonable based on the documentation, discussions with faculty if necessary, and the course in question.

What if I require an accommodation during a test?

If appropriate documentation has been presented that demonstrates a need for testing accommodations, there are a couple of options. Possible testing accommodations are extended time (double time) and/or a distraction-reduced environment in which to take the test. First consult with your professor to find out where the test will take place, either with the professor or in the Student Development Center. If tests are to be taken in the Student Development Center, the student is responsible for setting up the test time within a reasonable amount of time (usually two weeks notice is needed to set up a test time). You should take their class syllabus which lists their test dates to the Student Development Center to schedule the entire semester's test dates. You are also responsible for making sure you are on time for the test and cancel if needed. The professor is responsible for making sure the test arrives at the testing place before the appointed time.

I think I may have a learning disability or attention deficit disorder. Where can I go to get tested?

There are several private psychologists and psychiatrists who can do this type of testing. Ask your doctor if they can recommend one, or look for one in the yellow pages. You can also get tested at the University of Louisville Learning Improvement Center. Vocational Rehabilitation is also another possibility, however you must meet their criteria that your disability substantially impair you in working or finding a job.

My professor refuses to provide me with the accommodations I need. What do I do?

You are strongly encouraged to talk with the Coordinator as soon as possible after a professor says they will not provide an accommodation. The Coordinator will then act as a liaison, getting both sides of the situation to mediate and arrive at a solution. You should not wait until the end of the semester since accommodations cannot be retroactively provided.

If I have a disability or temporary injury that makes it difficult for me to take notes, can you provide a notetaker?

Yes. The professor will be asked to make an announcement in class asking for a volunteer to take notes. You will be provided with a carbonless notebook free of charge. The volunteer notetaker will take notes as they normally would, and it automatically makes a copy.

How do I get a permit to park in accessible parking?

There are green permits for students who are eligible to park in accessible parking. Students must present evidence that they have either a placard or a license plate issued to them by the Bureau of Motor Vehicles to the Coordinator. The Coordinator will then issue you a card that says you are eligible to park in accessible parking on campus. Take this card to the University Police Office to get your permit.

What if I have broken my leg and just need accessible parking on a temporary basis?

In this case, a letter from a doctor will be sufficient to get a temporary accessible parking permit. This letter should be taken to the University Police Office. If a permit is needed for more than one semester, you will need to get a placard or license place from the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

I have difficulty walking or using my wheelchair from building to building, especially in bad weather. Can you help me?

There are a couple of things we might be able to do to help you. First, some students may be eligible for early registration. This allows you to plan your schedule optimally and get the classes in the buildings and times that are easiest for you. Second, in some cases it may be possible to change the classroom. However, some classes cannot be changed because of necessary equipment, i.e., computer labs, chemistry labs, etc. These requests will be taken on a case by case basis.

I only use my wheelchair or scooter on campus. Is there anywhere I can store it on campus?

There is space available in Knobview Hall where you can leave your wheelchair or scooter. There are also outlets available to charge your battery.

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