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The following information may be of interest to individuals with disabilities and impairments. If you know of any opportunities that you would like to share, please e-mail Disability Services.

Intern and Practicum Opportunities

Entry Point program provides summer internships!

Entry Point! is an outstanding opportunity for well-paid summer internships in private sector companies and federal agencies such as IBM and NASA. Many of the internships continue for successive summers and convert to permanent employment. Companies and agencies provide mentors, assistive technology, and other reasonable accommodation. Although our primary focus and opportunities are in technical fields, we will consider exceptional students majoring in business, finance and other non-science fields.

Students with disabilities who have demonstrated high motivation, persistence, and achievement in academic areas are placed in internships in research and development throughout the country. Mentors advise the students on future undergraduate coursework, plans for graduate study, and/or employment.

AAAS locates opportunities for the students and discusses accommodation needs and geographic limitations.

In addition to offering competitive salary stipends, the companies and agencies provide assistive technology and other reasonable accommodations. Travel funds and recommendations about accessible housing and transportation may also be provided to students who are relocating for the summer.

Check out or email for more information.

Volunteer Opportunities

Hoosier ADAPT is here and waiting for you to get involved!

Hoosier ADAPT - Founded by Andrea Pepler-Murray in 1999 on the Purdue Calumet Campus, Hoosier ADAPT is devoted to advocating the rights of all people regardless of their disability. Andrea has been instrumental in getting changes on campus to get vendors and school officials to comply with the ADA laws.

For more information, contact Andrea Murray at 219-932-4614, email her at, or visit the website at

National Accessible Apartment Clearinghouse

The National Accessible Apartment Clearinghouse (NAAC) is a database of apartment listings for people with disabilities who have special housing needs. Information on more than 46,000 units nationwide is available by calling the clearinghouse's hotline. Listings include answers to questions on physical layouts to special features. There is never a fee for their services.

To search for an accessible apartment:

  • Call NAAC's toll-free number message center at (800) 421-1221. Each request should detail what special features are needed and what city and State accessibility is desired. Requests should include the prospective residents complete name, phone and fax numbers (where available), complete mailing address, and email address (where available).
  • Their staff searches the accessible apartment database and the specially designed apartments based on residents needs and desired locations. Prospective residents then receive a listing of all the accessible apartments in their geographical area of choice.
  • At this point the caller is encouraged to contact the property manager and follow the property's application procedures.

How to contact NAAC:

Phone: 1-800-421-1221
Fax: 1-703-518-6191
Mailing Address: 201 N. Union St. #200, Alexandra, VA