Academy of Diversity and Inclusive Education (ADIE)

(formerly Diversity Academy)

IU Southeast’s Strategic Plan, Goal 3 and its objectives and initiatives take an inclusive view of diversity, broadly defined to include age, color, disability, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, marital status, national origin, race, religion, sexual orientation, veteran status, and socio-economic status.


The ADIE’s mission is to provide academic resources for faculty and to showcase their achievements in the design and implementation of curricula, to conduct research, or to extend services that will cultivate a culturally inclusive environment and a habit of mind where diversity of thought and expression are valued, respected, appreciated, and celebrated.


The vision of the ADIE is to support faculty teaching, research, and service to help others develop and enrich an enlightened social consciousness whereby each person’s dignity is respected, each person’s perspective is thoughtfully considered, and each person’s needs are taken into account for the benefit of all.


The ADIE is directed by James Wilkerson. It facilitates the development of faculty and their curricula and methodologies, their research in scholarly teaching and the scholarship of teaching, and their service to their students, units, and campus on behalf of the Academy’s mission.


To assist faculty professional development, the ADIE supports all three areas of faculty responsibility: teaching, research, and service - aimed at enhancing diversity, inclusivity, and/or multicultural awareness at IU Southeast.

ADIE Support Areas:

  1. Teaching
  2. Research
  3. Service

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