ADIE Service Support

Service – The Academic Affairs’ Diversity Coordinator serves as Director of the ADIE and a facilitator of and participant in the following diverse areas:

Faculty Service

The ADIE awards fellowships for faculty service. Interested faculty members should contact the ADIE Director.

ADIE Director Service

  • Chancellor’s Advisory Council on Diversity
  • Diversity Coordinators – one of three who represent faculty, staff, and students
  • International Programs facilitator for the Director and the faculty committee
  • Safezone Committee member
  • Twenty-first Century Scholars Committee for Program Advancement in Floyd and Clark Counties
  • Facilitate the Indiana Campus Compact Faculty Representative for Service Learning
  • Veterans events and activities
  • Women and Gender Studies Certificate Program, facilitating the Program Coordinator and the committee chair and other members

ADIE Support Areas:

  1. Teaching
  2. Research
  3. Service