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Teaching - An analogue in diversity to the Institute for Learning and Teaching Excellence ILTE, the ADIE offers for guidance and tools for faculty to implement or modify curriculum and/or methodology in courses having aims consonant with its mission.

Transformative Education (TE)

Our latest effort is to provide you an introduction to a recent and richly evolving concept known as Transformative Education (TE). Its author and researcher, Jessica Sarver, is an alum of our School of Education and an August 2012 graduate of the U of L master’s program in Higher Education Administration. She conducted this study for ADIE as part of her master’s internship, sponsored by Dr. Annette Wyandotte.

A Faculty Learning Community (FLC) is one way the ADIE supports teaching and learning. FLCs offer 5-7 faculty from across the disciplines a chance to study a topic of common interest. The first semester they learn theory and practice of scholar-teachers and design a curriculum unit to implement in a focus course they will teach the next semester. Participants meet monthly through each term to share ideas and give feedback on the unfolding process.

The 2011 FLC on Curriculum Transformation supported the following diversity projects:

  • Dr. Randy Hunt (Natural Sciences) used Biology L318, Evolution, to introduce a unit for majors to learn essential differences between Evolutionary Science, Creation Science, and Intelligent Design.
  • Dr. Judy Myers (Nursing) used K301 to make prospective nurses aware of the efficacy of alternative modalities of health care as a viable companion to allopathic medicine.
  • Dr. Joanna Durham-Barnes (Education) used M300 to help prepare prospective teachers to address diverse issues that they will likely face one day in their own elementary and middle school classrooms.
  • Dr. Mariana Farah (Music) introduced majors in Choral Music the differences between traditional sacred music and the Negro Spiritual, focusing on their implications for performance.
  • Dr. Kelly Ryan (Social Sciences) taught her First Year Seminar students in H105 about the Cherokee Indian Removal known as the “Trail of Tears” to help them experience how the discipline of history is written from a point of view that serves a sometimes hidden agenda.

Additional 2010-2011 Academy-related Curriculum Design:

  • W395 The Individual Study of Writing: The Art of Magazine Writing added a new unit on profiling IU Southeast Veterans, in connection with the MFRI Grant administered by Dr. Carolyn Babione. Several profiles were produced for the Voice, the magazine of the School of Arts and Letters, and for the new Diversity Academy e-magazine,Transformations.
  • W395 The Individual Study of Writing: Writing, Editing, and Production for the Workplace was implemented as an independent study which also generated articles for Transformations.

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