Are you inspired to become a teacher, but possess a bachelor's degree in a field other than teacher education?

Our "Transition to Teaching" licensure program prepares students to take the examination for a teaching license, with a combination of evening course work, professional seminars and in-school teaching experiences. And once the program is complete, students need only four courses to move forward to a master’s program.

Required Courses

The licensure program "Transition to Teaching" is a 24-credit program that includes the following sequence of courses.

Dept./Course # Title Credit Hours
EDUC-M 500** Professional Seminar* 1
EDUC-E 535 Elementary School Curriculum 3


  • Foundations of American Education
  • Educational Psychology
  • Children's Literature
  • Child Development
Summer I*
Dept./Course # Title Credit Hours
EDUC-E 518 Elementary Education: Literacy Framework 3
EDUC-E 514 Elementary Language Arts 3
EDUC-N 523 Elementary Mathematics Methods 3
Summer II
Dept./Course # Title Credit Hours
EDUC-E 513 Elementary Social Studies 2
EDUC-K 505 Introduction to Special Education for Graduate Students 3
Dept./Course # Title Credit Hours
EDUC-E 515 Elementary Reading: Diagnostic and Prescriptive Reading 1
EDUC-E 516 Elementary Science Methods 3
EDUC-M 500** Professional Seminar*** 1
Dept./Course # Title Credit Hours
EDUC-M 500** Professional Seminar*** 1


*Five full days required to begin the school year with assigned school.

**M500 courses are one (1) credit hour courses that include both school teaching experiences and professional seminars. These courses provide additional instruction and information in specialized areas such as early childhood, classroom management, diagnostic reading, and special areas. Elementary Education Transition to Teaching candidates will be assessed an additional $1000 fee over and above the regular tuition for each of the three M500 courses. The additional fee supports paying for teacher mentors, cooperating teachers and program administration. This fee is set by the IU Board of Trustees and is subject to change. Candidates are advised to consult with the Elementary Transition to Teaching Coordinator and the Office of the Bursar for the updated fee.

***Two days per week full-day in assigned school, four-week placement full-day in assigned school and four Seminar Days.

Admission Process

Application Requirements

Applicants to the Transition to Teaching post-baccalaureate certificate must satisfy the following requirements:

  • Baccalaureate degree from an accredited postsecondary educational institution with a grade point average of at least 3.0 (on a 4.00 scale); OR
  • Both a baccalaureate degree from an accredited postsecondary educational institution with a grade point average of at least 2.50 (on a 4.00 scale), and five (5) years of professional experience.
  • Proof of passing the Indiana Core Assessments test (CASA) or one of the approved alternatives.

Application Process

  1. Attend a program advising session held each semester.
  2. Complete the online application. A $40 application fee is assessed when applying to program. If a previous application fee was paid the fee should be waived. To determine if fee is to be waived, please contact our Records Specialist, Mary Ann Wild at or (812) 941-2388.
  3. Submit two letters of recommendation that attest to your character and why you would be a good educator. Use the Recommendation Tab on the online application to request electronically. If desired, letters may be mailed directly to Records Specialist.
  4. On the Uploads Tab, upload a personal statement that identifies your academic goals, career objectives and why you are applying to this program.
  5. Submit official transcripts of all undergraduate and graduate work completed at institutions other than an IU school. A required overall 3.0 GPA must be reflected on all transcripts for undergraduate and graduate coursework.
  6. Please mail copies of the test scores (Either CASA, ACT or SAT) to the address listed below or email copies to

Please send all completed materials to: 
IU Southeast School of Education 
Mary Ann Wild, Records Specialist
Hillside Hall 108A
4201 Grant Line Road
New Albany, IN 47150


Please choose one of the informational meetings reviewing the requirements needed to apply for Spring 2018 Elementary Transition to Teaching program. We will also have time for discussions and questions regarding our program.

8/14/2018 5:30 - 7:30 p.m. University Center North, Room 121
9/12/2018 5:30 - 7:30 p.m. University Center North, Room 122
10/17/2018 5:30 - 7:30 p.m. University Center North, Room 122
11/7/2018 5:30 - 7:30 p.m. University Center North, Room 120

Please RSVP to Terri Beard – Transition to Teaching Coordinator by emailing to:

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FYI- Please plan for paying for parking when you arrive. There are permit dispensers in the parking lots at various locations. Daily Permits are $2.00

Tentative Timeline

Tentative Timeline from Application to Completion

Schedule Action
Anytime of the year Attend a group or individual advising session to know more about the program.
First week of November – application and requirements DUE
*You may submit any parts or entire set of the requirements at anytime after you attend advising session.
Submit application online. Submit completed requirements
Review Applications - November and December
Interviews - in December and January
Admissions Committee interviews qualifying candidates. Interviews begin.
December and January Candidates receive letters of admission.
January- Orientation
*Reminder- there is a date identified in early January as the mandatory registration date.
Admitted candidates meet for orientation to the program.
December and January Register for Spring semester. Register for 2 classes. Specific checksheet for the cohort will be provided upon admission.
February- Courses will begin 1st week of February See schedule of classes on IU Southeast website.
Take courses in Spring, Summer 1 & 2, Fall, and the following Spring.

*Reminders - Summer 1 – 2 week full day placement in school.

End of July or Early August - full day – required 5 full days to begin school year with assigned school.
See schedule of classes on IU Southeast website.

Course Fees

In accordance with an IU Board of Trustees policy change effective Fall 2004, tuition is based on whether a student is classified as graduate or undergraduate regardless of the level of coursework taken. Any student admitted by the Indiana University Southeast School of Education who already has a bachelor's degree will be classified as a graduate student. Visit the Tuition and Fees webpage for more information.