School of Education Minors

Minor in English as a New Language/English as a Second Language (ENL/ESL)

The ENL/ESL Minor prepares students with the skills needed to meet the growing demand for ENL/ESL teachers in Indiana, Kentucky and the world.   For ANY Major!  Travel, explore, and engage with the world!  You Do NOT have to speak another language to teach English!  The minor provides students with an understanding of:

  • Components of language and principles of language acquisition and development
  • Culture as a component of effective instruction
  • Issues related to equitable and appropriate content and language assessment for language learners
  • Individual differentiation options for all students—not just language learners
Required Courses - 12 credit hours
Course #
Title Credit
EDUC-L 441 Issues in Bilingual Education 3
EDUC-L 403 Assessment Literacy for Cultural and Linguistic Diversity 3
EDUC-L 436 Methods and Materials for Teaching ESL 3
EDUC-X 470 Socio-Psycholinguistics Application to Reading Instruction 3

Education Majors who are pursuing the minor will complete a portion of their clinical practice semester in a setting with ENL/ESL students.

* The minor is anticipated to lead to a teaching licensure addition for education majors by Fall 2018. An additional course will be required for education majors to be able to add this licensing area: EDUC-L 239 Language and Learning (3 credit hours).

To officially add the minor, please schedule an appointment with an advisor or use the Update My Major application.

For more information, please contact Dr. Donna Albrecht, Ed.D., ENL/ESL Coordinator at

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Minor in Secondary Education Licensing

The Secondary Education Minor prepares students at Indiana University Southeast majoring in one of the approved licensing content areas listed below to complete an education preparatory program through IUS School of Education. Currently approved licensing areas are:

  • Computer Education
  • English/Language Arts
  • Economics
  • Fine Arts (Theatre, Vocal, Instrumental)
  • French
  • Geography
  • German
  • Government & Citizenship
  • History
  • Journalism & Media
  • Mathematics
  • Psychology
  • Reading
  • Science (Chemistry, Biology, Life Science, Physical Science, Physics, Earth/Space Science)
  • Sociology
  • Spanish

Secondary Education Minor - 33 Credit Hours total

Prerequisite Courses

EDUC-W 200 and EDUC-M 300 must be completed prior to program admission. In addition, candidates must be apply for admission into the Secondary Education Program prior to enrollment in any of the professional education blocks below (passing scores for all Praxis I tests, prior to 5/31/2014 or CASA or other state approved alternatives (ACT- 24 or higher, excluding Writing or SAT- 11-or higher excluding writing).

Prerequisite Courses (6 credits)
Course #
Title Credit
EDUC-W 200 Using Computers in Education 3
EDUC-M 300 Teaching in a Pluralistic Society 3

First Block

First Block (6 credits)
Course #
Title Credit
EDUC-K 200 Introduction to Practicum in Special Education 1
EDUC-P 312 Learning: Theory into Practice 3
EDUC-P 313 Adolescents in a Learning Community 2
EDUC-M 303 0

Second Block

Fall Semester prior to student teaching.

Second Block (8 credits)
Course #
Title Credit
EDUC-F 401 Topical Explorations in Education 1
EDUC-M 301 Laboratory/Field Experience 3
EDUC-M 314 (fall only) General Methods for Senior High/Junior High/Middle School Teachers 1
EDUC-M 464 Methods of Teaching Senior High/Junior High/Middle School Reading 3

Third Block

Spring semester prior to graduation.

Third Block (13 credits)
Course #
Title Credit
EDUC-F 401 Topical Explorations in Education 0
EDUC-M 441 Methods of Teaching Senior High/Junior High/Middle School Social Studies 3
EDUC-M 446 Methods of Teaching Senior High/Junior High/Middle School English 3
EDUC-M 452 Methods of Teaching Senior High/Junior High/Middle School Science 3
EDUC-M 457 Methods of Teaching Senior High/Junior High/Middle School Mathematics 3
EDUC-S 490 (Spring semester only) Research in Secondary Education 3
EDUC-M 480 Student Teaching Student Teaching in the Secondary School 10

Admission requirements

  • Submission of a completed Secondary Education Minor Application with an official copy of test scores (CASA or Indiana Approved Alternative);
  • Completion of EDUC-M 300 with at least a 2.0 © GPA and a positive recommendation from the instructor or equivalent diversity course instructor;
  • Passing scores on Pearson Core Academic Skills Assessment (Reading, Writing, Mathematics) (220 or higher), ACT (24 or higher) or SAT (1100 or higher);
  • Overall GPA of at least 2.75.

Licensing requirements

For licensure, all Indiana Department of Education requirements must be met. For information, contact Nicole Owens Wilson, Graduate/Undergraduate Licensing Advisor, at

For complete information about program requirements or a copy of the checksheet, contact Elaine Barr, Academic Advisor, at or 812-941-2449.

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