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Professional Development for Teachers

Summer I 2017

EDUC-W 505 (3494) Virtual Field Trips. This course will explore a variety of virtual field trip resources and experiences for K-12 students without leaving the classroom.
Lesson ideas and creation of VR field trip lessons for immediate application in classrooms will be the focus of this course. (3 CREDIT HR)

Summer II 2017

EDUC-W 505 (3572) Using Technology with Problem Based Learning. Easy to use K-5 Computer Coding/Programming Applications for classroom instruction is the focus of this course. Creativity, problem solving activities, and discovery based learning through independent discovery are some of the topics in this course.
Specific learning opportunities for K-12 students include directionality, geometry, mathematics, game creation, and robotics are a few of the classroom topics applications covered in this course. 100% Online (3 CREDIT HR)

Fall 2017

EDUC-W 505 (18964) The Use of Tablet and Computer Based Digital Resources in the Teaching of Literacy for Use in the Classroom. 100% Online (1 CREDIT HR)