Due to COVID-19, the School of Education is waiving the admission tests requirement as we review and accept applicants for Fall 2020. We are extending the due date to pass the necessary basic skills tests to the time when all testing sessions are back to normal status.

Please go ahead and submit your application to the School of Education.

  1. Students are encouraged to complete most of the General Education and Content requirements before applying for admission into the Elementary Education Program.
    • Applications submitted by December 1: Applicant will be considered for the Spring Cohort.
    • Applications submitted by August 1: Applicant will be considered for the Fall Cohort.
  2. Students accepted into program would receive a formal letter of acceptance in the mail.
  3. Students not accepted into program would also receive a formal letter in the mail, indicating missing information and resubmitted deadline.

Admission Requirements

The following criteria apply to all applicants to the Elementary Education Program, including those switching from the other education programs at IU Southeast and transferring from the other higher education institutions.

  1. Have an overall GPA 2.5 or higher.
  2. Completed EDUC-F200 or F201 and EDUC-F202, ENG-W131, MATH-T101, SPCH-S121, and at least one science content course and one social studies content course.
  3. Completed or be enrolled in all required language arts courses.
  4. Have a C or better in all core language arts and math courses completed.
  5. Passed one of the following basic skills tests (Note: You can use mixed or multiple tests to meet the qualifying admission test scores for reading and math):
    • Praxis Core with the following qualifying scores- Reading (168) and Mathematics (162)
    • ACT with the following qualifying scores– Reading (21), and Mathematics (21)
    • SAT with the following qualifying scores
      • Test taken prior to March 1, 2016: Combined score of at least 1,100 based on Critical Reading and Math (Sum of VE + MA scores = 1,100)
      • Test taken on or after March 1, 2016: Reading and Writing (543) and Mathematics (533)
    • Core Academic Skills Assessment CASA with the following qualifying scores– Reading – test code 001 (220) Math – test code 002 (220)
  6. Including current enrollment, candidates will have at least 55 credit hours towards their general education requirements as outlined by the Elementary Education Program check sheet.


  1. Pre-Elementary, Elementary, and Transfer Education Students:
    • Please contact Ms. Elaine Barr,, (812) 941-2386 for advising at Hillside Hall Room 108B.
  2. Teaching Licenses
    • Please contact D'Andrea L. Williams, Undergraduate and Graduate Licensing Advisor,, (812) 941-2251, Hillside Hall Room 108 D for licensing questions.

Please submit all application materials to:

Photo of Tracy Stracener

Mrs. Tracy Stracener

School of Education Records Specialist

Hillside Hall 108A
Phone: (812) 941-2388