Become a mentor

The Mentoring Program connects with students through various programs that engage the campus and the local community. It enhances each student's ability to succeed in college.

Our mentors are dedicated advocates for any student enrolled at IU Southeast. These relationships assist and encourage students as they develop academically, personally, and experience career development opportunities.

University faculty, staff, alumni, community members, and peer mentors are paired with students to assist in guiding them from their first year through graduation. Mentors serve as guides, advocates, supporters, teachers, coaches, and various other roles.

Alumni and community members have the opportunity to mentor students who are in their third or fourth year of college. This career-based mentoring is designed to assist current students in learning about careers, networking in the community, and helping students transition successfully into the workforce.

Mentorship also provides students with professional development experiences, such as business etiquette, networking, opportunities to potentially job shadow, and advice on internships from those practicing in the field or who have retired.

  • Prepare students for their next steps in life after college
  • Be a connector — seventy percent of jobs are based on connections made
  • Open students’ eyes to career-related possibilities
  • A way to give back and help a student succeed
  • Support the university and the local community