Safety and Environmental training is not only a necessity for a successful EHS program but for employees it’s also a legal requirement to have both initial and refresher training on certain subjects depending on your job duties. For some subjects the regulations may allow for On-the-Job-Training (OJT) but for other subjects this training MUST OCCUR PRIOR TO performing certain tasks. For these subjects it has been determined by the governing agency that you can’t adequately protect yourself if you don’t know what you are being protected from or how to protect yourself without having the training before doing the task.

As an example, the OSHA Hazard Communication standard or HazCom says employees must be informed of hazards associated with chemicals used in the workplace and also the appropriate protective measures to take when using them. This training has to be done prior to working with the chemicals because after you spill a chemical on you is not the time to find out it’s a corrosive that causes severe chemical burns and that you should have been wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) while handling it. HazCom is not something that falls under OJT.

IUEHS provides a number of online EHS related E Training courses through the One.IU. These courses are available to both employees and students. Additionally, other EHS training can be requested through the IUS EHS office using the Training Request form.