IU Southeast Classes UTILIZING Blackacre for Field Studies

BIOL-L100: Humans and the Biological World (All Terms)

Principles of biological organization, from molecules through cells and organisms to populations. Emphasis on processes common to all organisms, with special reference to human beings. Not for biology majors.

BIOL-L102: Introduction to Biological Science 2 (All Terms)

Fundamental principles of biology for students considering a biology major or students with high school science background. Principles of evolution, systematics, diversity and ecology, and plant biology.

BIOL-L343: Applied Conservation Biology (Spring)

Focuses on biodiversity loss and recovery. Topics include extinction, climate change, landscape changes, invasive species, and socio-politics of conservation.

BIOL-L474: Field & Laboratory Ecology (Fall)

Distribution and abundance of animals and plants; interactions of organism and environment at levels of individual, population, and community from functional point of view.

BIOL-L490: Independent Study (All Terms)

Faculty supervised original research.

BIOL-L 498 Internship in Professional Practice (All Terms)

Provides an opportunity for students to receive credit for selected career-related work. Evaluation by employer and faculty sponsor on S/F basis.

MICR-M420: Environmental Microbiology (Summer)

Role of microorganisms in various ecosystems. Detection and enumeration of microorganisms and their products from various environments.

PLSC-B364: Summer Flowering Plants (Summer)

For those desiring a broad, practical knowledge of common wild and cultivated plants.

ZOOL-Z 383: Laboratory in Entomology (Summer)

Methods of collecting, preserving, and studying insects, with intensive study of classification. Preparation of insect collection required.