Employer Work-Study Information

All Work-Study forms are available through the Financial Aid Resources and Forms page.

Becoming a Work-Study Employer is Easy

  1. Submit An Application - Currently at IU Southeast only non-profit agencies, government or educational facilities are eligible to participate in the work-study program. IU Southeast departments are already set up and do not need to apply to participate. Schools wishing to participate in the America Reads program must contact Career Development Center. Agencies wishing to apply must complete the "Employer Work-study Agreement" form available on our website and submit it to the IU Southeast Financial Aid office. The application process could take a few weeks so apply as quickly as you can. You do not have to be located near the school, nor in Indiana, to participate. Our students live and work in all surrounding counties and we have work-study agencies in all of them.
  2. Read and Follow the Work Study Basics Listed Below
  3. Read and Follow all Procedures Listed Below

Work Study Employer Basics

  1. Work study award recipients are students who have requested and received a Federal Work Study award. Students are allowed to earn up to the amount of their award.
  2. Work-study employers have applied and been accepted into the work-study program at IU Southeast.
  3. Employers can save significant money by hiring work-study students. The Federal Government covers 75% of their hourly wage and America Reads program pays 100%.


Certain restrictions of the federal work-study program include but are not limited to:

  1. Student workers cannot displace a regular worker or fill a regular position
  2. Student workers cannot work in positions that support a specific political party, candidate or issue
  3. Student workers cannot work in positions that support a particular religion.
  4. Student workers cannot earn over-time pay; therefore they cannot work more than 40 hours per week and should work no more than an average of 20 hours per week when school is in session.

How to Hire a Work-Study Student

  1. Write a Job Description
    All work-study jobs must have a job description on file that includes particular information about the job. Please contact the Career Development Center with any questions.
  2. Post Your Job Online
    Post open work-study positions through Career Development Center by emailing your job description to or calling (812) 941-2275. You can view all current listings through Career Development Center' website. All jobs must be made available to all work-study students to comply with federal regulations, so even if you know who you want to hire you must post your job and receive applications from interested students. You may find another student to hire!
    Closing or Reposting a Position - Call or e-mail IU Southeast Career Development Center to close or re-post a listing, or re-fax the job description to Career Development Center to re-open a position.
  3. Meeting Candidates
    Interview your prospective employees to find the best fit for your needs. If a student you want to hire does not have work-study they can request an award via e-mail or by stopping by the Financial Aid office. Not all students are eligible. Do not hire them until they can provide a copy of their award summary showing a work-study award.
  4. Request Authorization
    Once a work-study student is selected for hire, have the student complete the student work study application. You will then receive an email request to complete the employee authorization with a link to the form. Notify Career Development if you want the job listing pulled from the website. By federal regulation a completed application must be on file for each work study student.
  5. Complete Payroll Paperwork
    All new hires must submit the following forms to Human Resources, all available online and in the Human Resources office. Once all paperwork is submitted and the background check, if required, comes back clear the student can begin work.
    • On-campus employers - Complete the e-Doc process for the student. (Payroll can help you with this.) The employee class and beginning and ending dates are on the authorization, as well as the wage and your accounting line.
    • Undergrads - Salary plan: WSU, Job code: 000250 Grad students - Salary plan: WSG, Job code 00251 Position type - hourly.
  6. Paying Your Portion
    75% of all work-study wages are paid by the US Dept. of Education. Once their award amount is met, or if the student becomes ineligible for work study, the employer pays 100% of the student's wages. 100% of wages for students hired as "America Reads/Counts" tutors are covered by the US Dept. of Education up to but not exceeding the student's award amount.

Off-campus employers: Our Bloomington office will send you a bill for your 25% portion of the student's award amount at the beginning of the year. If the student does not earn their full award amount by the end of the year you will have the option of receiving a refund or carrying your credit forward to the next year. If your student earns more than their award amount you will be billed for 100% of the overage. Awards usually cannot be increased when earnings exceed award amounts, so be careful to track your student's earnings.

On-campus employers: The e-doc coding automatically charges 25% of the student's salary to the account you designated on the student application and the remaining 75% to the work-study account.