Want a work-study job? QUALIFY AND APPLY

  1. QUALIFY - You must have a work-study award to apply for a work-study job. Apply for an award by requesting work-study on the FAFSA. Does your financial aid package include an award? If not, request an award now via email to (from your IU email account).
  2. APPLY - Check out the work-study job listing. Each job has its own instructions for applying. (See only 1 page of jobs? Use the arrow in the upper right-hand corner to see more!)
  3. COMPLETE - Once you know you will be hired complete the Work Study Application.

Want to be notified by e-mail when new jobs are posted? Create an account on the Career Development CareerLink! While you are at it, take a look at the other great services available through Career Development.

First Steps After You are Hired

  1. Contact your employer to set up your work schedule and complete hiring paperwork.
  2. Visit Human Resources to turn in your paperwork and learn the online TIME system.
  3. Sign up for Direct Deposit through One.IU.
What are the EXPECTATIONS?
  1. Read the work-study student employee manual and send an email to confirm you read it.
  2. Be a responsible employee by following the rules in the manual and your employer's expectations.
  3. Be a responsible student - make sure your academics are your top priority
  4. Track your hours - use the handy tracking sheet found in our forms section.
  1. When you have worked 19 hours in one work week STOP
  2. When you have worked the total number of hours on your authorization STOP
  3. When you have stopped attending or are no longer enrolled in classes STOP
  4. When we have reached the "End date" on your authorization STOP